New Ingredients

Did you know: If just 25% of American homes used 10 fewer plastic bags a month, we’d save over 2.5 Billion bags a year! Whoa!!! that’s a huge number… way too many zeroes in a BILLION…. lets pledge to use fewer and fewer plastic bags each day…

Kitchen is a good place to start integrating an environmental consciousness into your every day life. For starters, recycle yogurt containers. After you’re done with the yogurt, wash them and use them to store grains or pulses. Make nice labels and stick ’em on to add a personal touch. Use more glassware, read labels well before you buy cookware.

Did you know…

  • Your coffee filters, paper towels are white because they’re bleached. this isnt a benign aesthetic, the process of bleaching is responsible for creating dioxin, a deadly toxic which has been dumped into the american waterways.
  • Americans buy billions of bleached coffee filters every year and then throw them away after one use
  • To make plastic wrap cling, mfgs add “plasticisers”, potentially harmful chemicals that can work their way into your food.

    Simple things to do:
    1. use reusable containers instead of using foil or plastic wrap
    2. unbleached coffee filters
    3. use cloth rags in the kitchen to wipe instead of paper towels
    4. use bio-degradable wax paper instead of plastic or foil


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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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