A friend who’s been vegan for a year now has been raving about the benefits of veganism…I’ve been wanting to try it out, try out being vegan – even if for a week. Recently, I came across this article that talks about how Bill Clinton is starting a vegan revolution after losing 24 pounds. We know that he’s recently had a few heart problems… Gradually people everywhere are realizing the advantages of healthy eating and vegetarianism

Being vegan is not that easy, but there’s always a first time (even for me, a vegetarian)….I know I will try, for me and for planet earth 🙂

For your own selfish reasons, to live a healthy life and have a healthy mind, you should starting eating healthy today. If you cannot be a vegan, perhaps you can make smart choices in your daily food intake…

  • Cut down the amount of meat you eat every time you eat meat*
  • Cut down the number of times you eat meat in a week*
  • Add fruit to your meals
  • Drink enough fluids during the day to keep your system hydrated
  • Reduce the number of meals you eat outside

*the comment applies if you eat meat and find it hard to completely eliminate it from your diet. Ideally, one should completely cut out meat from his/her diet in order to attain a healthy body and mind.

These are some of the many things we can do as a transition step into building a healthy lifestyle

Here is an excerpt from the article on good:

Joining the ranks of celebrities who are sort of vegan, Bill Clinton has announced that to lose a bunch of weight and get his ticker in better shape, he’s adopted a plant-based diet. Now, instead of snack foods and burgers, he’s a sort-of-pescetarian. Specifically, he’s dairy- and meat-free—occasionally treating himself to a little fish. He eats lots of plants, drinks almond milk with protein powder, and he’s a new man because of it.

Now, he weighs what he did in high school. But that’s not why he did it. He did it for his heart, pointing out that according to research, 82 percent of the people who have gone on such diets have had full recovery in heart health.

Here he is, gabbing with Wolf Blitzer about it:


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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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4 Responses to Veganism

  1. Hanna Wilbur says:

    But there are people who physically get sick when they don’t eat meat (like myself). Hmm…

  2. One Change At A Time says:

    Hanna, my dear, I understand that this does not apply to everyone. Moreover, whatever I write is never meant to impose and these are just my views 🙂 I respect other people’s views and choices as well. But I would like to find out how you get sick wen you don’t eat meat. Just curious… thanks for commenting. Have a great day.

  3. Hanna Wilbur says:

    Well, I don’t feel full when I eat only vegetables. I get dizzy (I also have low blood pressure). Since school I’m taught that half of what is on the plate is for rice, a quarter (I think?) is for vegetables, and the rest is meat/egg/fish. But, I agree about the milk part, it makes my stomach gassy :).
    My mother has seizures and a low blood pressure. When she only eats tofu, she gets seizures.
    I wonder what people (the companies) do to the meat that makes the meat so unhealthy (in the States)? I mean, obesity, heart failure, and cancer is not a common sickness where I live, and we also eat meat based food (but rice is number one).
    You know the number one that kills people here? Smoking.
    I watched the video you posted “Change Your Food, Change Your Life”, I loved it! Thank you.

  4. Being vegetarian is probably the least thing people can do.

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