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Why “Life could be worse” attitude may help us rise

I am currently visiting my favorite city and my home – Mumbai. In the last few days as I’ve been driving around various parts of the city, I passed through the slums of Mumbai made famous by the movie – … Continue reading

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In their bright and beautiful colors, these are the vegetables that say Autumn. Squash family comprises of vegetables such as Zucchinis, Pattypans, Marrows and Pumpkins. Pumpkins are the most famous of the winter squashes; aesthetically they are one of nature’s … Continue reading

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Diwali is a festival celebrated in most parts of India. It’s significance is different in different parts the country and different religions in India. For Hindus it marks the victory of good over evil, Jains celebrate Diwali in honor of … Continue reading

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Act With Love, Not With Power

Humans are blessed and cursed with attributes like pride. The line between pride and ego is so thin, that many a times, our actions and words are controlled by our desire for power. Even with loved ones, our relationship at … Continue reading

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