The Power of Second Chances

This is my first post on a topic that is business, finance related. However, after reading you will see that the same philosophy can be applied in our personal lives and we might see our happiness counter keep increasing over time.

As the U.S gears up for Verizon (NYSE: VZ) to announce it’s new baby – the Apple iPhone, it will be interesting to see how other wireless service providers react (especially AT&T). The introduction of the iPhone on the Verizon service is a good thing as I see it introducing some competition in the industry amongst the different wireless service providers, hopefully benefiting the consumer.

What I have seen in Asia (mostly in India) is a Telecom/wireless industry that is consumer driven, in the sense that it is not the cellular service provider’s market unlike the US where I feel we (the consumers) are dancing to the tunes of the service providers.

Looks like Verizon has learnt well from the mistakes it made in the past – 5 years ago when it passed on the opportunity to make the iPhone a member of its cell phone family!

They say if you don’t get it right the first time, do it better the second time. I think Verizon fits as a perfect example for applying this is as a business strategy.

Did you know that Verizon’s main competitor and Apple’s first partner AT&T, the number two provider, enjoyed a growth spurt advantage over Verizon in every quarter since the iPhone was introduced?? But roles might soon be reversed. The game isn’t over, and adding Verizon’s other innovations might even change the game.

Just because Verizon lost out in the first round doesn’t mean its a bad thing or it has failed as a business. Some times it is wise to wait and watch and then react. Verizon seems to have done exactly that.

In terms of long term thinking, playing again for second chances, playing for winning might turn out better than playing in the first round itself. Looks like Verizon was busy in the last 5 years after having passed on the iPhone opp, chairman and CEO Ivan Seidenberg has been making steady progress toward numerous other goals, making huge R&D investments that top industry charts. His leadership team has built on a strong culture of service from Verizon’s landline legacy days while adding initiative, innovation, and learning speed. Verizon has opened new R&D centers, including one in telecom tech startup-rich Massachusetts. The company has forged new alliances, including one with China Mobile, the world’s largest cell phone provider.

So I guess in the end, it’s inter-linked, the way we view opportunities and successes in our personal lives are reflected in our business/professional life and vice versa. There’s always something to be learned.

Well, so much for now, I am sure the web (tech/finance websites) is going to be flooded with Verizon, iPhone news until tomorrow at least. Will be fun catching up on that news.

Have a terrific Tuesday… I am hoping for Verizon (VZ) shares to go up!!!


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