Convergence at Undecillion! Huh!?! What’s that now!?!

Geek Alert!!! You have been forewarned!! 🙂 Well, this is not a geeky post. It is actually a fun and interesting post with some useful information! yay!

So, wanna take a guess at what Undecillion is???

You hear all the time, these days, how the world is converging. Well, at least virtually. Speaking of which, brings me to my topic of discussion. Roughly 4 decades ago the internet came into existence. As we all know, most things in this world, to be identifiable need a unique representation. We have names for to identify us, addresses to identify our living spaces, etc… Over the years, technology has made rapid advancements and now we have computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and the likes to make us available on the go as well as to get whatever information we need whenever we want, wherever we want, even when we’re on a plane, flying high in the skies..

With so many ways to stay connected with the world, we need some sort of identification (unique/semi-unique). For this sake, the father(s) of the Internet came up with a naming scheme called IP addressing. When they first introduced it around 4 decades ago, little did they know that by now, we’d be close to exhausting all the possible combinations.

Without getting into much details, whether you’re a techie or non-techie, you must have at some point seen a number like this: — This is an example of an IP address that identifies your device.  Using the above mechanism, we are allowed to have around 4 billion unique addresses. Today we’re close to using them all up!! Hard to believe it, right!?!

So, now we have the next generation of addressing known as IPv6. With this new scheme, we can have about 340 undecillion unique addresses! Wow, I can’t even begin to count the zeros in that! 🙂 The number would be so huge to express in decimal, let alone binary (0s and 1s), they decided to convert it into a hexadecimal representation.

What’s also cool is that thanks to technology and all the advancements we’re making, its become so much easier to connect from one part of the world to the other without getting off your chair! There’s technology all around us, so much so that even if you’re a non-techie, you still know the basics of the WWW, Internet 🙂

Do you ever wonder that in the next few decades to come, we’ll all be talking IP addresses and not names! hahaha!!! “Hi there, I am 2001:00DE0:29A0:5677:AA00:98B0:AD41:01EF, and you are?” would be common way of introducing ourselves… this way one could reach us by email, phone, just using that number… no names, usernames…. LOL!!!

You know how being in a certain zip code or having a certain area code (for your phone number) defines your “coolness” number… Your area code is 310, makes you instantly cool.. your area code is 215, huh!? never heard of it… uncool.. also something that guys probably use to impress girls they are pursuing…In the year 3000, a possible pick-up line could be– what’s your colon-hexadecimal address beautiful!?

Anyway, I shall end my post on that note, I’d better be getting along with the rest of my day… If this intrigues you feel free to look up more on IPv6 – wiki or the real techie blah blah on IPv6 – IETF

Oh and before I leave, here are some pics, I got off the internet! 🙂

Who needs more!?!

3 words that make up our entire dictionary. All we ever wanna know

Will work for an IP address ;-)

Haha! this quite ties in with what I wrote...

Decipher that! :)

We own your fridge - eleet snaxors 😉

Note: These cartoons are not mine, found them on the “internet”. 🙂


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2 Responses to Convergence at Undecillion! Huh!?! What’s that now!?!

  1. Hanna Wilbur says:

    “Hi there, I am 2001:00DE0:29A0:5677:AA00:98B0:AD41:01EF, and you are?” That’s a good one ^0^ hahaahah. This reminds me of my post “Learning: The Skill That Will Never Go Old”(
    Sorry, I would really love to see the pictures but they are too small. I can’t make out what it says. How about you make the picture bigger? Thanks.

  2. Nice post! Very good, and a tad funny.. 🙂 That cheered me up today after having a LOT of problems with my computer..

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