Why Did I Start?

The topic suggestion for the post-a-day challenge is “Why did you decide to start a blog” …

Why do we do most things in life? Personally, I think we do most things in life “just because”, maybe we’re programmed to do certain things in a certain way, societal pressure, circumstances, we have our reasons…most of us do very few things that truly come from the heart, while very few of us do most things that originate in our heart…

As far as I can remember, I was 14 when I first discovered that I liked writing. At that time, writing was in the form of poetry. I wrote a few poems then, drawing inspiration from what I was surrounded by or whatever came to mind… Anyway, as I graduated high school, it became lesser and lesser that I wrote and then after my first year of engineering (freshman year) I completely stopped… it was all about studying then…

Finally about 7 years ago, I picked up a really old passion of mine, older than writing… that was photography…but it was more of a hobby then.. didn’t have a fancy camera, but I still enjoyed taking pictures from my point and shoot….I was talking to a friend one day about life and we got philosophical, which turned a general chit chat into a 3 hour long discussion. That night re-awakened the other passion that was dormant for so many years…the next morning, I started writing.. but it was mostly in emails with a few friends on common topics of interest. Later, I started blogging about a lot of different things…things happened and I stopped writing altogether.

Finally, last year around my birthday, actually before my birthday, I decided that I am going to use my passion to help my fellow humans in whatever way I can, I will try to reach out to you…. no matter where on the globe you are right now… in an attempt to do whatever I can, the least I hope to do is make you smile..So, that’s how this blog was born… on my birthday last year (2010)! 🙂 Now, I am trying to use my skills as a photographer and a blogger (not using the word writer… simply puts too much pressure on me, haha!!).No matter how small, I hope I can make a difference.

I know you also have some amazing talents, let them out… if you cannot or don’t want to, or if you think you need more time, its fine, but never let the reason be that someone told you that you cannot do anything that your heart desires… All I know is that all good intentions can only result in good actions and positive outcomes.

Thank you so much for reading my posts. I most appreciate it. BTW, I’d love to hear from you if this inspires you enough to get out there and let out your heart’s desires…

Sharing a part of an old old (wrote it when I was 14ish) poem with you:


Mama, mama were the first words I learnt,

Hearing those words, her smile widened.

Her heart burnt with fire, it burnt,

every time a tear came rolling down my cheeks.

Hugged me to her bosom,

I felt the love and warmth.

I felt as if we were the only awesome twosome.

-Me 🙂

Somehow, at that age I used to be under the impression that poems HAD to rhyme! and I loved writing long long poems! haha…

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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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