Vitcims or beneficiaries of our beliefs..what I think..

After pondering over it for some time, trying to consider different aspects and POVs, thinking back on my previous experiences etc… here’s my take on it:

Over the last couple of years, I have seen myself evolve significantly in the way I view life, view the world around me. This change was always brewing inside, but little was I aware of this evolution that was happening at so many different levels. In the last year or so, it has come to the surface and I must say it’s had a positive impact on my life.

Coming to my point, I feel that many of us have been in that place at some point or the other, in our lives, where our beliefs could make us or break us. Oh, before I write further, I must clarify that by “beliefs” I mean beliefs of any sort, beliefs does not only mean beliefs in God, it could be belief in superstitions, belief in psychics, belief in (black) magic, ghosts, etc… Now, if we consider the “make” part of this argument – sure having strong beliefs and sticking to those beliefs is a good thing. But like every single entity in the universe, even beliefs come with two sides, the make and the break. Our strong beliefs also have so much influence on us that they can break us, prevent us from taking action.

Over the last couple of years, I have been constantly trying to fight the extremes. I was, am and always be a believer – a believer in MYSELF! Yes, sure I do believe in God – no matter what the form is, I believe in destiny, but I don’t sit idle to let life happen, I take charge. I do not understand people who say they believe in destiny and do nothing to serve themselves, take no action towards the betterment of their lives or even take no action to achieve what they want. I believe that one must do the needful from her/his side in achieving what she/he wants and if they are believers in destiny, she will take her course anyway…. it shouldn’t stop one from doing she/he must/wants. Stars are never going to align for us if we just sit here and keep blaming the stars for our fate. We will wither away and hit the dust and a life that could have been would be wasted.

While it all sounds grand, and is definitely easier said than done, it is important that a balance be struck between the two extremities of believers and non-believers. I find myself fighting the two extremes from time to time, but the more I work toward my dreams without doubting what I can achieve, the more enjoyable my journey becomes. One way or another if destiny is going to call the shots in the end 😉 why not make it fun for me as well, right? 🙂 No road is ever smooth, but at least if it’s a road I have chosen, I will enjoy the ride and the bumps that come along the way….

What do you believe in? What’s your take on this subject? Care to share your experiences? I’d love to hear 🙂

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4 Responses to Vitcims or beneficiaries of our beliefs..what I think..

  1. Hanna Wilbur says:

    Since I was young I used to sit on top of the roof of my house, or sit on top of the hill side and look down to the beautiful paddy fields bellow it, and wonder… I used to think all things, and one of it is about God. What if there is no God? or what if the right way is not the way I’m in? And so on. Suddenly I felt so lonely. I kept praying to who ever, or at least hoping to my self that I will find the truth, or at least try my best to find the truth.

    I’m not the kind to just accept something without thinking the logic behind it. I can’t just believe in something without any proof. It is so denying a part in me.

    Since little I can see the dangers in blindly following something. People could even kill each other over a belief they blindly follow. I wouldn’t want to be like that.

    Yes, I agree with you about balance :D.

  2. I should probably say I am not really a believer…in God, in Destiny or anything as such. I consider myself a dreamer… which to some extent could possibly overlap with a ‘believer’. I am a dreamer in the sense that I dream of being able to do / achieve what I want. I guess I am optimistic in that sense: I always think that there will be a solution, a possibility to change, to improve. However, I also swing from this extreme to the opposite: total lack of faith in the future… I guess I still need to find my balance!

    I like your blog, however I find the Font that you are using very hard to read. Any chance you could change it? Maybe other people are having the same thought!

    • One Change At A Time says:

      Hey, Thanks!!! thanks so much providing the feedback on the font. I removed the special fonts. I tested it on my mac but cannot see much difference. It appears just fine for me. Can you please test it and let me know? What OS and browser do you use? I would appreciate the help.

      Going back to your comment, thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the post.
      I agree with you.. no matter if we believe in different things.. we may call it by whatever name we like, but in the end, I think it’s what’s inside you that gets us through… the dreamer, the thinker, the believer or the prayer/worshiper 🙂 We just have to keep working incessantly towards what we want in life. Have a great day.

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