Eyes Or Imagination?

A few weeks ago, I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA). It was a fun day in the city that started with enjoying brunch at a local hot spot in that neighborhood. After filling our tummies with some yummies, we headed to the museum. Trips to the modern art museums are always an experience. Every time I visit, there’s some cool new stuff to observe and appreciate. This time one of the highlights was the wine exhibit. I moved along from the wine room to the B&W photo room as I progressed through the different exhibits. It was all inspiring, but not nearly as inspiring as what I saw next.

I went from photo to photo, taking time to just absorb the art, appreciate it and understand it, the artists motivation. Every picture left me with so much appreciation for every day things that are full of beauty but we so easily pass them by without taking a moment to appreciate that what surrounds us. So, as I am moving along I see this blind gentleman who is standing in front of one of the photo arts and listening to his companion describing the art. I was in complete awe of this person.

A few thoughts came to mind:

  1. Even though he is blind, it does not stop him living life, actually, enjoying life just like I do
  2. He does not let his disability stop him from enjoying art, which a lot of us think that can only be appreciated by a working pair of eyes. Whether you need imagination or intelligence or a connection doesn’t even cross our minds if that processing resource is not accompanied or fed to by eyesight.
  3. Even though the words describing the art came from another person, he had his imagination to visualize and appreciate it.

I have always thought that appreciation for art should not come from eyes, but the mind or maybe even the heart, if one best wants to understand and view any art from its creators perspective. But seeing this blind man enjoying art touched me like never before.

So with that, just wanted to get this thought-provoking question out there:

What do you need to really “see” any art to enjoy it, appreciate it??

On a related note, the book I am reading right now talks about how criticism is the lowest form of appreciating art. That statement may sound simple, but I think the author is trying to say that maybe art criticism needs to be redefined?

Here are some pictures from my trip to SF MOMA:

Don't need eyes to appreciate art

Don't need eyes to appreciate art

Modern Art - Light Bulbs

Modern Art - Light Bulbs

The door to my heart

The door to my heart πŸ™‚

The Glitter In Your Eyes

The Glitter In Your Eyes

Woody Wine?

Woody Wine?


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10 Responses to Eyes Or Imagination?

  1. kolembo says:

    Thanks for the photos and the VERY nice story. It touched me deeply just reading it.

  2. Hanna Wilbur says:

    Yes, it touched me too!

    My teacher told an experience in class when I was in 4th grade. He and his friends went on a bus. A blind man went on the bus too. After a while, suddenly he asked the driver to stop. My teacher and his friends was amazed that this blind man could know where to stop the bus. He must already have a good memory on hearing to know the ‘sound’ signs of where he is about to stop. Yes, ‘eye’ sight isn’t everything.

    My teacher gave this example in class about how we are given 3 main senses; eye sight, hearing, and the heart, and the strongest is the heart. Our heart can see beyond what our physical abilities can grasp.

    • One Change At A Time says:

      I think I accidentally wrote a new comment:
      Thanks for stopping by, reading and also β€œliking” it Alex! πŸ™‚ Much appreciate it.

  3. In response to your feedback on my blog, I have not always been a vegetarian. I became one in February 2009. I gave up meat for lent and decided to carry on giving up meat. I still eat fish, though I am not really happy that they die by drowning in air. 😦 What motivated me was, well, a lot of things. My auntie was a vegetarian, and the way animals are treated all made me become vegetarian. Everything has a right to live. And we can eat othr things. Nothing has to die. My experience has been hard. I miss bacon and sausage rolls. And I can’t eat a lot of sweets etc. because of gelatine. I read the ingrediants a lot now. But then I discovered Quorn. Yum. Are you a vegetarian/vegan?

    • One Change At A Time says:

      Hi Alex, yes, I’ve always been a vegetarian. My parents raised me a vegetarian. As an adult, I chose to continue living a vegetarian life because I do not believe in killing other living being that can see, walk and/or feel to satiate my hunger. I am working toward eliminating the use of leather as well. I am not vegan but I try to avoid as much dairy as I can. And, I agree with you on “Everything has a right to live”.

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  5. Jose C. says:

    Love the woody wine picture! that would make a awesome decorative piece in my living room

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