Hike #2 Of 2011 – The Stanford Dish

I have to admit that the blog-a-day challenge has helped me keep up with other things that I’ve wanted to do on a regular basis. It just kinda happens. When I think that I have to post every day, I think to myself, well, I should also be doing other things that I’ve committed myself to! So, I gotta thank WordPress for it! 🙂

This AM, I went for a hike with my gal pal to the foothills near Stanford, CA. The weather here in the Bay Area has been exceptionally warm in the last week. It was 73 degree F. We completed a 4 mile loop with a moderately challenging incline. It was fun to see so many people on the trail out to sweat it out, get some sun and have some fun!

I caught up on stuff with my friend. I think that going out on hikes or doing physical activities to keep fit with a buddy not only keeps one motivated but also turns out to be a win-win situation. You’re exercising and socializing, both at the same time…so you accomplish 3 things in 1: save time, exercise and see friends.

Today she and I decided to hike at least once a week and try to achieve 52 hikes (minus 2 for the first 2 weekends of January that we missed) in 2011. Ooh, am so excited! 🙂

Here are some pictures from our hike today. Have a great Sunday!

The Vast Blue

Bikers near the trail head

The Famous Stanford Dish

The beautiful trail

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3 Responses to Hike #2 Of 2011 – The Stanford Dish

  1. Lovely post, and it looks like you had a nice walk.

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