The Sound of Silence

The suggested topic for yesterday’s post-a-day 2011 challenge was “What’s your favorite sound?” In terms of audible sounds, I’ve had many favorites, many came and many went, but louder than all sounds is the sound of silence that keeps coming back to me. Especially more now than ever.

When I take the time to be observant in silence I hear a lot of sounds that are often deafened in the atmospheric noises of our daily lives. The sounds of the breeze, the fluttering of wings, the swaying of leaves and the beating of one’s heart. They all seem to be synchronized in the unity of being themselves and being together. I also heard my own voice, the sound that comes from deep within, the sound that talks to me when I am patient and open to seeking within and not without. I believe that all the answers we are looking for, come from within, but we are often influenced by and act upon external factors.

Sharing with you this song (by Simon & Garfunkel) that comes to mind, not quite related, but the line that stuck with me was:

“And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence”


It is from the movie – The Graduate.


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