Hike/Run # 3 of 2011: 3 Miles Run In The Rain

Today was a day of 2 firsts:

  1. Running in the rain (mild rain/drizzle)
  2. Overcoming the dislike of running on paved roads

I was feeling a bit under the weather when I woke up this morning. I decided not to go for a hike and stay home instead. However, the decision to cancel was only on the condition that I still go out for my weekly run/hike pledge! After having breakfast, I felt slightly better. I opened the blinds and windows, let some sunshine and fresh air in, played some music on my iTunes and started doing chores around the house before making some lunch. After eating and an hours break, I headed out for an afternoon run. It seemed to have gotten a bit cloudy, but I had decided that there was nothing that would stop me from going out for run and I did. Music and a smile to go, I took off.

At this point, I must digress slightly and point out the importance of keeping the body well hydrated. All day yesterday, I did not replenish my body with water and/or other fluids, which impacted my body today. Half way into my run, I realized how parched my system felt. Oh well, lesson learnt! I continued to run. I had only run 2 blocks when it started drizzling. Wow! it felt so good to run in that mild rain. As my body warmed up and blood started rushing to every inch of my body, the touch of the delicate rain drops pumped my adrenaline.

As I was not quite up to it, I did not want to drive and so I settled for running on the paved roads near my house. Let me tell you how much I hate running on concrete! Yikes! That aint running. Its no fun. Plus, its not quite good for the knees. So all of that only discourages me from running. Like I said before, today, nothing was going to stop me. I took it as a challenge to overcome and there I was overcoming it. Woohoo!! 🙂 Even though I ran it today, it will never be my preference to run on roads with cars zipping past, surrounded by buildings. But today, if I was going to run on the pavement alongside polluting cars, I was going to see the bright side of it, so I did! 🙂 As I ran by the buildings and pavements and train stations, I appreciated the man-made marvels and technologies. The traffic lights, the street lights, the bike lanes, the zebra crossings, the office buildings, the sign boards. It was all fun.Half way through my run, I did take a little detour on a nearby trail where I ran .25 miles to and from the road. Guess who I met this time on the trail??? Mr. G. Snake. I believe this is Gopher Snake (commonly found in Northern California, USA)

Gopher Snake

Gopher Snake

I ran a total of 3 miles round trip. Last .25 miles I walked because of the overall “under-the-weather” thing and lack of water in my system. Felt much better once I got home. After cooling down for 15 minutes with some Yoga/stretch moves, I drank a glass of water.

Here are some lessons from the past that I applied today:

  1. Believing is winning half the battle! 🙂
  2. Most obstacles can be overcome
  3. *Try* to put a positive spin on each situation

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5 Responses to Hike/Run # 3 of 2011: 3 Miles Run In The Rain

  1. Cool snake!! I wish we had them in the UK! 😀 Hope you feel better soon – who would write this blog if you were ill?? 🙂

  2. kolembo says:

    Liked this, great read! I’m doing roughly 5kms twice a week. Going to run around a volcanic crater with the Hash Harriers on Saturday. Nothing like running eh!

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