Little Things In Life That Bring Big Smiles

The seasonal flu has kept me at home for the last couple of days. The thing with flu as most of you might know is that it drains your energy. I’ve had fever and so I couldn’t open the windows. However, I did want to soak in some afternoon sun and so I opened the blinds of my window.

While resting on my couch and reading a book, some movement in my patio caught my attention. I sat upright and looked out. There were two small cute little birds (like sparrows or wrens). They were hopping from plant to plant. I have several potted plants in my patio. Mostly green, a couple of them are the flowering ones. I put the book away and moved close to the patio, slowly and silently moving so as not to scare them away. I sat there and watched them hop around and play with each other. After a few minutes, I got my camera out and took a few pictures which I am sharing with you.

What I realized in this moment was that how easily I forgot about my problem (the problem today being my fever and cough). I felt good from the inside out, definitely not felt good like this in the last couple of days. Watching the birds brought a smile on my face, so I spent a minute in gratitude thanking for this wonderful moment to brighten my day.

Its amazing how little things in life can bring big smiles and brighten your day.

Sending smiles and sunshine your way. Have a great day! 🙂


Little bird in the balcony

Two little birdies having fun under the afternoon sun



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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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2 Responses to Little Things In Life That Bring Big Smiles

  1. What beautiful pictures!

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