The Power Of Social Media

All day today, on the radio & on TV, one line that kept coming up again and again in the news coverage of Egypt’s freedom from Mubarak was the impact of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This got me thinking and few thoughts came to mind. One was whether this was just an American perception of the Egypt revolution or is it a global perception. Another important question that popped in my head after blue little twitter birds were flying in circles around my head was: Was enough credit given to the youth, the citizens of the country in bringing about this success. Surely, Facebook and Twitter were really helpful tools, very instrumental in spreading the revolution like a wildfire  but at the end of the day they are mere tools and this freedom for the Egyptians wouldn’t have been possible by them sitting at home and tweeting about it. They had to get out on the streets. What I was impressed by, was the *relatively* peaceful and less bloody if not bloody-free war for freedom. This proves that guns and bombs have no place amongst peace, harmony and humanity.

The Egyptians have definitely set an example for the ROW.


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7 Responses to The Power Of Social Media

  1. Hanna Wilbur says:

    Love how you put it “…Egyptians wouldn’t have been possible by them sitting at home and tweeting about it”
    In Indonesia the same thing happened like in Egypt in 1998, only less casualties and less people on the streets to make the president to come down. There wasn’t anything called Fb and Twr then, and the internet wasn’t a normal tool to use at that time.

  2. Facebook and Twitter aren’t always a good thing.. I mean, if everyone stays at home tweeting how will they get anything done?

  3. Hanna Wilbur says:

    I have a hunch that there is something not said–and there is a reason behind why they are focusing on the effects of social media more. It’s just I haven’t connected the dots yet.
    I found this article President Obama on Mubarakh Stepping Down
    The thing that he didn’t say was that it was the US who have supported Mubarakh (with American’s money) in the first place.

  4. Hanna Wilbur says:

    The Asian crisis started in 1997 and it spread. It only reached Indonesia a year later. In one day the Indonesian currency went from Rp 2500/US$ to around Rp 12thousnd/US$!

    The current president at the time has been president for 32 years and this crisis made the people’s anger explode. Big demonstrations happened in Indonesia at Mei 1998 (I was still grade 3 at the time). Most of the demonstraters were university students. Then, on the 21st of Mei, the President (Mr Soeharto) announced his resignation.

    Mr Soeharto started his presidency by overthrowing the previous president-Mr Soekarno. Mr Soekarno was the first president and at the time Indonesia just got its independence after being under Dutch occupation for 3,5 centuries+Japan’s occupation for 3,5 years. Indonesia agreed to be in the United Nations, but then Mr Soekarno decided to leave the UN not long after. He believed in Indonesia to be an independent country and refused any loans.

    Not long afterwards an event happened (long story) that made Mr Soeharto the second president and Mr Soekarno put into house arrest-for life. Afterwards Mr Soeharto started his presidency by doing the exact opposite of Mr Soekarno; Indonesia went back to the UN and received IMF loans.

    In 32 years of his presidency, he was backed by the IMF and World Bank, as long as he accepted their loans, which 30% went to his family and friend’s pockets, but the whole country has to pay it all, plus interest.

    I remember very much watching this few minute news on TV the finance minister at the time-Kwik Kian Gie-telling an experience he had. He said that one person from the IMF said in front of his face, “Do you think I care about your country?”

    Well, Indonesia has a much rosy economy now and doing much better than america and europe. But I believe as long as it adopts the same debt base monetary system it will eventually fall also.

    When I told this story to my cousin in Canada he didn’t believe me. He thinks that it is all in the Asian countries and heads, blaming ‘the west’ for their bad conditions. He started saying things like ‘capitalism is not that bad’ when I wasn’t even talking about that. He also said ‘asian countries are mostly communists’ which is very untrue. Most Asian countries are Republics and Kingdoms. So, he must have got that perception from somewhere. It kinda hurt when he said that, but I don’t blame him, ‘cuz he simple doesn’t have a clue.

    Sorry for writing too long of a comment… 😦

  5. Hanna says:

    About this social media thing, I found a show talking about it, check out the second half

    It’s quite sad 😦

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