From the perspective of an outsider, the world always looks brighter or maybe “not so bad”. But to know the truth, you have to be an insider. this is not always possible. Thanks to the advancements in technology we can now be as close to the real thing as possible, without actually being there. Even better that it comes from a real person and not the media (news channels, corporate journalists, etc… I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the media). I had no idea on this issue, I only found out after reading this post. Felt like sharing it, so here it is.

ITALY SAYS NO TO BERLUSCONI'S BROTHEL Italy has had enough of being considered the land of bananas and clowns, the land where men still buy women to gain sexual pleasure and where political leaders are chosen on the basis of their sexual performances, where you can’t get a job without selling your conscience and your morality. Italy yesterday and today was demonstrating loudly, peacefully and without any political colour for one simple goal: restore Italy’s dignity! Italy is a beauti … Read More

via Little Explorer’s Blog

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