I Love Myself So I Sleep A Lot

Recently WordPress suggested a topic for blogging: How many hours can you go without sleep. Well, what can I say, I love my sleep very much and value it far too much to sacrifice it. Yet there have been many times, that I have sacrificed hours of sleep and run the day pretty much on empty fuel (2/3 hours of sleep). Definitely those days were miserable and I dragged myself to getting work done. Unfortunately, when stress attacks, sleep is the first thing I lose, but I am working on combating stress more efficiently.

We live such lives that unfortunately stress has become a part of us. Fortunately, there are a lot of things we can do to reduce stress if not completely eliminate it.  What are those things you ask? That requires a post of its own.

Coming back to sleep. I found this great article on Hardvard Business Review (HBR)

Posting an excerpt, you can read the entire article at the link provided at the end of this post:

“Say you decide to go on a fast, and so you effectively starve yourself for a week. At the end of seven days, how would you be feeling? You’d probably be hungry, perhaps a little weak, and almost certainly somewhat thinner. But basically you’d be fine.

Now let’s say you deprive yourself of sleep for a week. Not so good. After several days, you’d be almost completely unable to function. That’s why Amnesty International lists sleep deprivation as a form of torture. (My comment: Haaa!!! 😮 Who’d ever think that, right??)

In reality, the research suggests that even small amounts of sleep deprivation take a significant toll on our health, our mood, our cognitive capacity and our productivity.

Many of the effects we suffer are invisible. Insufficient sleep, for example, deeply impairs our ability to consolidate and stabilize learning that occurs during the waking day. In other words, it wreaks havoc on our memory.

So how much sleep do you need? When researchers put test subjects in environments without clocks or windows and ask them to sleep any time they feel tired, 95 percent sleep between seven and eight hours out of every 24. Another 2.5 percent sleep more than eight hours. That means just 2.5 percent of us require less than 7 hours of sleep a night to feel fully rested. That’s 1 out of every 40 people.

Good night ^_^ I need to get “My Precious” (reference Lord Of The Rings) 😉 sleep

Reference: Sleep is more important than food

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4 Responses to I Love Myself So I Sleep A Lot

  1. Hanna says:


  2. I like sleep too. 🙂

  3. Stef says:

    I feel best when I get a nice full 7 hours of sleep. (7.5 is true heaven.) Back when I was younger (in college) I did a fund raising dance marathon where I stayed awake and on my feet for 36 hours straight; and I could barely stay conscious once the event was officially over. Significant impairment, indeed!

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