3 First Responses When Angry That Will Save You from Regret (via Hanna Wilbur’s)

Anger is a human emotion just like happiness and sadness. I have read some books that talk about how we should definitely control our anger, but we should also try to maintain our composure in situations of extreme happiness and extreme sadness too. Realizing that all of these are only temporary and holding on to any of these only causes more attachment to the material world thus making it harder for us to think straight or behave rationally when overcome by either extremes of these emotions. But yes, the negative emotions are the more dangerous ones. I really liked the 3 first responses one should adopt when overcome by anger.

Reblogging a wonderful post by Hanna. Even though Hanna’s post cites examples from her marriage, these general rules can be applies by all of us in most situations, whether it is a marriage, or a parent-child conversation or sibling argument or even disagreement (potentially leading to a bitter argument and heated minds) between two friends.

3 First Responses When Angry That Will Save You from Regret (This is a translation from a writing I wrote a while ago) Problems and challenges are normal in life, especially in dealing with other people. We get it wherever we are. Everyone is unique in a way, we have different backgrounds, different experiences in life, that contributes in a differ … Read More

via Hanna Wilbur's


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