Work Email Etiquette 101

Unlike Google which offers close to 10Gigs of email storage space, work email does not. So, when email storage is like prime real estate, you cannot afford to waste space saving emails that were sent out to a mailing list you’re a part of and following that are at least 20 “reply all” messages that include either content irrelevant to you or nothing but smiley faces or words like “thanks” and “sorry”, etc..

Sorting and cleaning the inbox then becomes a daily chore. Missing a day of cleaning that results in nightmares of email black holes and explosions of computers and laptop in the galaxy of the WWW, fear of losing important emails. So, then arises the need to establish what I call work email etiquette 101.

  1. Do not include people in an email when they are not a necessary recipient
  2. Do not reply ALL when the message is solely for the sender. For ex: The sender sent out an email to a group of people letting them know that she was promoted. Do not hit “reply all” and send an email saying “Congratulations”.  Same goes for Thank you, sorry, okay, np/no problem, etc…
  3. Please DO NOT send attachments exceeding 50K in an email! Seriously, one of those emails with 1M of attachment and you’re done for life! >_<. Most corporations have this nifty little thing called IT, which enable employees to share documents and other stuff without attaching them in emails.
  4. For crying out loud, do not copy paste the history of the world in an email

okay, well I know, sometimes you can’t help it. But for all other times, PLEASE practice the WEE 101 🙂

BTW, this by no means implies or reflects any personal woes of mine. Luckily, my team mates are good about it, for most part 😉

Enjoy this little cool sketch I read on a fellow blogger’s post:

Emails that dont require a REPLY ALL


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3 Responses to Work Email Etiquette 101

  1. Google Gmail?? Hotmail is better… 🙂 I like the rules!

  2. Hey, yeah, I do use hotmail, but not sure how much mail storage they provide for free user accounts. ^_^

  3. Yes, thank you! I have spent the week mass deleting useless emails from colleagues going back and forth about which fridge during a conference to put a birthday cake in, who would want to sing the song, the timing of ‘presenting’ the cake etc etc…..honestly, I just didnt respond to the very end when I got to the point of it all to answer these questions. The worst is when sometimes you simply don’t take part in these bouncing email jokes that you’re the one causing a fuss. It just comes down to me hating work emails that somehow turn one little thing into a massive conundrum requiring 50 emails. Man, people have a lot of time on their hands! Make a decision and move on, jeez! I’ll leave the chain mail-sending to my mom haha.

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