World Poetry Day

In 1999, UNESCO declared March 21st as World Poetry Day!

Here’s a little poem I came up with right this minute, so please pardon the crudeness :).

Here’s your chance to write even if two lines of poetry if you have never done so before. If not for me, do it in honor of World Poetry Day. Don’t be shy! And remember to share it here with me and other readers.

Wishing you a life filled with melodiously rhyming poetic verses
May each verse in your life shower new blessings every day
May those blessings shoo away the naughty devilish curses
Life is nothing but a great story penned in a poetic way
May the daily lines shape the smiles and not the frowns
As they help the happiness grow and the sorrows drown -K


About One Change At A Time

Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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10 Responses to World Poetry Day

  1. Judy Roney says:

    What a wonderful blessing. I wish all those things for all of us that right. Beautiful!

  2. Jingle says:

    so beautiful emotions.
    love it.


  3. bendedspoon says:

    Love the blessings in the poem 🙂

  4. Stef says:

    I’ve actually participated in a few poetry slams; and even won a prize at one of them. 🙂 Good times. Thanks for encouraging others to explore this cool art form. (Poetry, that is. Though poetry slams are very cool, too.)

  5. P says:

    This life of mine is read just like a poem,
    All too short with mere fragments of idealization
    The words’ desire pales to thoughts of grandeur in my head
    When laid out on the page, it seems so plain instead
    A few brief verses just to fill up half a page
    The lines forgotten in a tome of the mundane


  6. Pat Cegan says:

    Never knew there was a World Poetry Day. Liked yours very much though. I never figured how to write poems that rhyme as mine always sounds contrived. Guess I will just enjoy yours and stick to a more free style…better for a beginner like me. Hugs, pat

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