Minimalist Photography!?

As I was browsing the WWW, I came across this article with amazing photographs illustrating minimalism.

I have added some photos, here. There are a total of 40 examples, feel free to visit their website and check out all 40.

Gosh! It’s been rather long, I took my camera out on a fun trip. Maybe this weekend! 🙂 Hopefully it doesn’t rain all weekend long.

If it rains and I am stuck indoors, no sweat! In fact, I have thought of a fun project for me. I shall go through my photo library and look for my own examples of minimalist photography. I shall have a related post next week.

Pool With Frog (Source:

Less Is More (source:

Minimalist Street Lamp (Source:

Ricolo (source:

The Trail (source:

Silence (source:

Find more here: 40-examples-of-minimalist-photography




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3 Responses to Minimalist Photography!?

  1. Great photo examples of minimalism. I’d like to experiment myself. Can’t wait to see your work.

  2. Hanna says:

    THIS IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL ^_^! I’m a simple person at heart so I like simplistic stuff; like these pictures ^0^!
    The swimming frog is my favorite. What a lucky frog :).
    Thumbs up!

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