Of All The People In Our Lives

‘Life’s not about the people who act true to your face. It’s about the people who remain true behind your back.” – Unknown

Calvin and Hobbes - BFFs (source: WWW Google image search)

I had to make a post of this quote. So many people come into our lives, some stay for long, some wither away. Some come and go with the seasons, but they leave an imprint on our hearts. Of all the people we hold dearly to our heart must be those genuine people who remain true to us even in our absence. I try not to spend my time wondering if the people who I value so much, are the same people even behind my back. I also constantly try to be the same genuine person to the people, (to their face and behind their back) who hold me close to their heart as well.

Night before last I was chatting with my mum on the phone and at some point she told me, that I should not hold anything inside and I should say whatever is on my mind, at all time, because we are that close to each other and that she wouldn’t feel bad. But then I told her, relationships with those who are so close to our hearts is the trickiest, because only they have the right and ability to hurt us and also the only ones whom we can pour our hearts out to. I feel like saying that it’s a double edged sword, but in a positive way. This brings me to the quote above. I think that we can make this double edged sword smoother by being genuine and true not only to ourselves but even to people who are close to us, to their face and in their absence, be truly who we are, who we portray ourselves to be at all times.

It is not easy but I try every day and I hope one day I will be universally true =)


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2 Responses to Of All The People In Our Lives

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    You got a point and I agree with what you say about people in our lives.

  2. Hanna says:

    Yes, and the number one friend for me is my spouse. If I can’t be true to him, than I can’t be true to anyone. Love this picture too :).

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