Clutter Free Space Is A Clutter Free Mind

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This what Edvard Munch’s original painting titled “The Scream” would look like if his studio was cluttered. On one hand, the painting may have not been famous, but, on the other hand, the subjects expressions would be as real as real can be 😉

A show of hands for those who think clutter leads to chaos?? Yes, I thought as much. Pretty much, most of us feel that way. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly. I have gone through that phase when I didn’t have time to keep my house clean on a daily basis due to a busy work schedule. But given that the clean “freak” I am, the clutter would last for 2 days every time. Every time, I cleaned up the mess and organized stuff such as my mail, clothes, socks, books etc… it felt as if I went through a inner cleansing experience.

Clean That Clutter (source:

Productivity shot through the roof, I felt happy all day. Every step I took felt like I was  bouncing in air. The process of organizing and cleaning led to clarity of thought. The worst feeling of all is that of the mind being clouded as if by fog. Forget garbled thought, there were no thoughts in sight. But after cleaning up the living space, everything seemed as clear as water.

Also, just like writing, I find cleaning also very therapeutic. Have you ever tried it? It’s a great way to bust that stress. Also an excellent outlet of venting frustration is scrubbing those dishes to reflect a shiny clean image of you.

What I love best about cleaning and organizing in addition to what I mentioned above, is finding old stuff you never knew existed or finding ways to be creative and turn old, unnecessary things into new funky stuff. For instance, I found a set of stackable containers that I hadn’t used. They had a pretty design on the outside. So I decided to store different kinds of lentils in those and place them on my counter top. Now, if friends visit, the colorful containers would enhance the beauty of my kitchen and would serve as a pleasing sight.

Okay, time for me to get my weekend chores done and prepare for the week ahead.


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2 Responses to Clutter Free Space Is A Clutter Free Mind

  1. Stef says:

    Interesting timing; I spent 4 hours yesterday taming paper clutter around my house! Check it out:

  2. Hanna says:

    Strange, I feel like this too. When everything is too messy it gets on my nerves and it feels so annoying. Yes, cleaning up in the out side also relates with my inner self, I feel much more ‘tidied’ inside after a clean up at the outside.

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