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The Best Time & Place to Catch Up On Your Movies

Unless you’re a sleeper, which I am not when it comes to confining myself in a small little seat with little or no leg room. I am talking about the times when you’re in the air, flying from somewhere to … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Round

Surprise, Turns out yday’s wasn’t the last post of the month! 🙂 Sharing with you all a photo for this week’s challenge. BTW, this post is 100% composed on and pulished from my iPhone This is a live roof. Photo … Continue reading

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Roses of Peace Bloom in Nepal

Okay, so here’s my last post for April. Came across this on the dailygood website: Nepal has offered much hope to the world throughout history. The birthplace of the Buddha himself, it has since been a place of global pilgrimage … Continue reading

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May be or May be not

Hey friends, I will be traveling in the first week of May… so it is highly likely that I won’t be able to post anything until I return. I shall try as and when I get a chance, but may … Continue reading

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How One Teacher Motivates Her Students

My BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a 5th grade school teacher. I have seen her in action teaching her kids whom she loves. I cannot think of a better teacher I have seen so far. She puts so much effort … Continue reading

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The #1 Killers

Stress is probably the #1 physical health killer but according to me fear is also up there with stress. What do y’all think? Additionally, I also think that fear and stress are both the cause and effect of each other, … Continue reading

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Turmeric is a root that belongs to the ginger family. It is native to South Asian countries such as India. Growing up in an Indian household turmeric was an everyday ingredient in my meals. Turmeric, in addition to its health … Continue reading

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Giving Within For-Give-Ness

Sharing a passage from iJourney. What resonated most with me was: “If someone has done something wrong or destructive to you, you give another energy back. Instead of giving back as good as you get, you give back a higher … Continue reading

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