Blue Funk: My State of Mind This Week

It started with the Monday Blues, Monday passed but the blues stayed on…

I am Feeling Blue (src: WWW image search -

Come humpday (i.e. Wednesday) I found myself in a funk (moody/depressed state). yikes!!! Yikes, because, I did not know what caused it. I am sure you have been there before, i certainly have. However, what was different this time around, was that I was able to identify a few causes for my funk, all thanks to meditation.

I have had a lot of things to write about, but just couldn’t get it altogether. In the past, I have gone bonkers trying to fix it and felt like a dog chasing its own tail. I could not get to the root cause but would just tire myself out trying to figure it out.

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But since the last 6 months or so, not only meditation but also being more self-aware has helped me reach within me. I am not there yet and I must admit that it is not easy, but it’s well worth it. Now, I feel almost feel like a Zen Ninja, conquering the blur of the brain, one cell at a time 😉

Zen Ninja (Source: WWW image search)


So,  here I am today, feeling much better, having put my finger (somewhat) on some some of the issues (if not all of them). And like most other bad cycles we get into, ONLY WE can break out of them, WE MUST BREAK out of them, that is the only solution.We can’t sit waiting for it to fix itself. We must do what is in our control.


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From personal experience, I can safely say that meditation, self-awareness are helping me get better every day. For some writing a daily journal is a mechanism of self-awareness, for others it is self-reflection while taking the afternoon walk. Whatever works for you, find it and do it everyday, even when you are not in a funk.



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3 Responses to Blue Funk: My State of Mind This Week

  1. Hanna says:

    I’m glad you are feeling much better :). I also feel that being in a bad mood (without knowing why) is annoying.

  2. eva626 says:

    yea meditation always works for me..cute images!!

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