How Online Shopping Has Spoiled Me

Today, I had to go to the mall to exchange some stuff I bought. While I was at the store, looking for some article of equal value to exchange, I realized how online shopping has spoiled me. a.) I have lost the patience to make back-n-forth trips to the fitting room, b.) trying on different clothes, and c.) dealing with crowded stores.

I do not fancy “window shopping” anymore. As convenient as online shopping is, it has done wonders for me. For instance, I do not shop nearly as much as I used to. I benefit from deals which many-a-times are exclusive for online shoppers. I save time and gas (petrol) by not having to drive to the mall. Since everything is available under one “virtual” roof, I finish my entire shopping in one transaction and one easy shipping. Most online stores offer free returns as well. Of course, the only con, I can think of is that this comfort has made me a bit impatient when it comes to dealing with store people and taking the time and effort to go return/exchange if something does not fit well or has a defect.

The only time I do enjoy shopping at the mall is when I go with girl friend(s). It’s a lot of fun, shopping, eating, chit-chatting, giving each other fashion advice and what not…

What do you think of online shopping?


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3 Responses to How Online Shopping Has Spoiled Me

  1. I really like online shopping. You can buy stuff easily, and read reviews from others in just a few clicks.

    Online shopping is great!!!!!!!

  2. Hanna says:

    Agree with the Doctor ^_^, plus I sell on-line hahah….

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