Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

I have been meaning to write on this topic since the Japan tsunamis. Thanks WordPress! for posting this as a topic and giving me the much needed push to write on this. I was following the news on Japan’s condition and the state of theFukushima nuclear plants. From the news, it seemed that the Tokyo Electric Co. was not entirely honest with the Japanese people and the media. They hid many details with regards to the reality of the damage done to the nuclear plants by the quake and tsunami.

Apparently, the reactors were burning and the fumes were spreading fast. The entire city of Fukushima had to be evacuated. It is very sad that those people were left homeless in a matter of hours. It will probably take a decade or two for Fukushima to resume normalcy. There was also news that the fumes had reached California via the airplanes.

Given how countries today use nuclear energy, I believe, this misuse is a menace. We definitely do not need nuclear energy to build weapons of destruction. If such are the intentions of nations, it is indeed a sad state of humanity. Perhaps there are some cases where this nuclear energy is put to good use, but it certainly is undermined by the misuse of nuclear power and the wars it creates between nations.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear ’em.


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2 Responses to Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

  1. Hanna says:

    I do believe nations who ‘condemn’ use of nuclear power should stop using nuclear power themselves.

    I do believe there is already the technology for clean-cheap fuel, it’s just that multi national companies do not want people having access to it, for it will lower their profits. Plus there might be other ‘interests’ in there.

    So, nuclear energy; yes or no?

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