Mission Peak Hike

This past weekend I was super busy working… yeah I had to work the weekend. However, I did find time on Sunday to go enjoy the outdoors and also get a workout. At first, I was thinking of doing a run on some new trail… however when I stepped out of the house, I decided to do a moderately challenging hike that I have done in the past, but not in a long time though. I drove East to a small hill called Mission Peak.

Most of California turns golden come summer, so Spring time – April/May are the best time to enjoy the green hills. As I parked my car and walked up to the trailhead, I realized how even more beautiful the green hills looked from up close.

Before I describe my experience and share some photos, let me write the specifics about this hike which I got from bahiker.com

Distance, category, and difficulty:
This 5.6 mile out and back hike is moderately tough, but manageable, particularly if you visit on a cool day and bring plenty of water. Trailhead elevation is about 400 feet. The park’s high point is about 2517 feet; total elevation change for this hike is about 2200 feet. A Bay Area Hiker reader who preferred to remain anonymous describes the route perfectly: “this trail is not for beginners or casual ‘neighborhood’ walkers. It is somewhat steep and continually demanding.”

Almost completely exposed.

Trail traffic:

I had my iPod loaded with some peppy music! 🙂 It was a fun hike, the sun was out, but it was not really hot. This hike has a constant incline, so at no point the hiker will have it “easy”. One is constantly climbing up; About half way there, I wished I had a beanie (cap of some sort that one usually wears in winter) and gloves. It was super windy and my ears turned red because the wind was cold. Brrrr!!! >_< Well, I was determined to make it to the top, so I continued on my way.

Along the trail, I saw cows chillin and grazin, havin a good time. There were lots of baby cows that kept mooing every now and then. The sky was blue with scattered soft and puffy white clouds. I also saw a couple of hang-gliders, lots of other hikers too.

It took me 2 hours for the round trip. Great hike and a really good workout for my legs. They are still sore as I write this right now.

Pictures from my hike are posted on my photo blog. I hope you enjoy them.


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  2. You had to work over the weekend?! Poor you!

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