The #1 Killers

Stress is probably the #1 physical health killer but according to me fear is also up there with stress. What do y’all think?

Additionally, I also think that fear and stress are both the cause and effect of each other, have you ever found yourself caught in that cycle?

Since childhood, I have been a very emotional and sentimental person. While I used to think they are good traits, they have more often than backfired and in the last few years, I have developed a fear to let my guard down. As a result, I started protecting myself and somewhere in the fear of being hurt, I subconsciously put up permanent walls and kept even loved ones at bay.

In the last one year, I have grown immensely in that aspect where I have become stronger but not detached or indifferent. This is the time for a shout out for some *amazing* friends who stuck by me in my difficult times and of course my family too. They live across the other side of the globe but also breathe, cry and laugh with me. Their eternal presence I always feel in my heart.

Well, anyway, in my experiments with letting go of fear when it comes to exposing myself to hurt from someone whose intentions I am not sure of… I sometimes find it hard to find that thin line between allowing myself to be hurt or protecting myself. Of course with our family (for ex: mother, father, siblings etc…) we are born with the inherent trust so in 99% of the cases, we will never doubt their intentions even if they hurt our feelings.

All these huge waves of emotions lead to stress building up inside me which then affects my health, my energy, my mood etc… it is vicious cycle and managing between letting your walls down and protecting yourself is one big balancing act.

What do you think? Do you have any experience to share? I’d love to hear.


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