Turmeric root and ground turmericTurmeric is a root that belongs to the ginger family. It is native to South Asian countries such as India.

Growing up in an Indian household turmeric was an everyday ingredient in my meals. Turmeric, in addition to its health benefits also adds a lovely color to the foods it’s added to.

My mum would also give us a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of a turmeric powder when we had common cold or cough. To this day, I still drink this concoction during the flu season to prevent falling prey to the viral infections.

Turmeric, due to its anti-septic properties also serves as an excellent substitute for band-aid or cotton to press on a wound to stop infection or blood flow.

Turmeric is also known the lighten complexion of the skin if applied regularly. However, it should not be left for too long since it temporarily stains.

It is highly anti-inflammatory.

Fresh turmeric root can be peeled, sliced and pickled with lemon juice to serve as a condiment with meals.

Like all other things in life, excess of turmeric is also not good. Usually going a little overboard with turmeric should not harm you, but like I’ve said before, I say again, you know your body and health conditions better than anyone else (or at least me).

Here are a couple of interesting websites with some literature on turmeric:

  1. 20 Health benefits of turmeric
  2. University of Maryland – turmeric
  3. Nutritional value of 1 Tbsp of ground turmeric —- **MUST CHECK OUT

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