Topic #120: Who annoys you more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

I absolutely had to blog about this! ^_^ So much fun writing on such topics and perhaps reading also. I do not fit into the Bieber Fever fan demographics, however I did go through an extremely short 1 month phase where I was hooked on to his music. How did I get hooked you ask? Thanks to my cousin, a fresh new teen. Last November when I visited home for the holidays, he had come over and asked me. “Didi*, have your heard Bieber’s music?”

*Didi – A Hindi term used by younger siblings to address elder sisters to show respect.

In response to his question I said, “Who!?? Who’s that?” For a minute there, I felt old! So he quickly got his phone out and made me listen to Justin Bieber’s most popular song – Baby. I gave it a listen and kinda liked the beat. It definitely made him very happy, I saw the anxiety on his face turn into a big broad smile when he found out that his “didi” liked the song. After I got back, I downloaded a bunch of his other songs and listened to them for a few weeks before I got over them and removed them from my phone! So that’s how I know of Justin Bieber and his music.

Lady Gaga, well, she is not just a teen sensation. We all (well most of us) have heart at least one song and at least one time if not more. “Poker Face”? I like her songs, some are cool, some have an underlying deeper meaning, some dont make sense, but all of them definitely have a good beat and I especially love dancing to them.

Before I pick the annoying out of the two, I should tell you something else. A few months ago, I was watching the Grammy’s and it was time to announce the winner of the Best New Comer Artist of the year. The camera showed shots of all the nominees and Justin wore a confident look. Unfortunately, he did not win! When they announced the winner, the camera focused on Bieber and there was an expression that screamed “I am shocked and the ground beneath me has disappeared” He looked sad, but soon he did a good job of pretending to be happy for the winner. Well, I was not surprised, I mean he is a kid after all. Fame and popularity tend to do that even to adults.

I do not find either artist annoying. Who, I do find truly annoying is Katy Perry! Yeah, I think she can’t sing. It could be you or me even, it doesn’t have to be her who sings those lyrics. If we’re given that music and those lyrics, I am sure we’ll be hits too!

So Katy Perry, if you’re reading… here’s what… when you asked  – Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?? My answer is Yes! When I listen to you sing! hahaha!!!!!


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2 Responses to Topic #120: Who annoys you more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

  1. Hanna says:

    Definitely Lady Gaga is much-much more annoying to me 😛 hahah…

  2. All artists mentioned are annoying, though maybe Justin Beiber a little bit more annoying than the rest…

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