Apple Of My Eye, Apple On The Top

Of course I am talking about the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music, we talk on the phone, etc…

I read this really interesting article on the web on how Apple has beat Google and Microsoft in becoming the top tech company in a matter of years.

I am a proud owner/purchaser of a macbook pro, first gen iPod, Special edition U2 iPod, iPod nano (gift to mum for this past Mother’s Day), iPod Touch (gift to a friend), iPod Shuffle and iPhone 3g (which broke within months of buying it, friend accidentally dropped it) and now iPhone 4g. The only thing I do not own or have bought is the iPad…

BTW, I must say this that I have been a fan of apple since my childhood days, I remember my aunt used to work on a macintosh – that was my first introduction to “personal computers” and No, that was not a Windows machine 😛

What Apple devices do you own?

From the Royal Pingdom (click it to read the entire article) website:

To give you an idea of how much the value of Apple has increased in the last five years, we’re going to look at its market capitalization (“market cap”) and compare it with how some other big tech companies like Google and Microsoft have fared in the same time period.

(Market cap is a measure of a publicly traded company’s size and worth. It’s the number of shares times the share price, i.e. how much it would cost to buy all shares in the company. In this article, when we talk about what a company is “worth,” we mean market cap.)

Apple leads the race (Source: Royal Pingdom)

Five years ago, Apple was a successful company with the iPod and its Mac line of computers. But it had not yet launched the iPhone. It had not yet launched the iPad. Back then, Apple’s yearly profit was $2.4 billion. In 2010 that number had risen to $16.6 billion. And in the first quarter of 2011, Apple has already made a $6 billion profit, well on its way to eclipsing previous years. It’s become a cash machine.

Apple is riding a wave of continuous success, and the stock market simply loves it. The value of the company has skyrocketed.

That’s the part we will take a closer look at in this article. How well has Apple done compared with other big tech companies in the last five years, i.e. 2011 compared to 2006, the year before Apple launched the iPhone?

A few interesting observations:

  • Apple is now worth 5.3x more than in 2006.
  • Google is now worth 1.4x more than in 2006.
  • Oracle is now worth 2.3x more than in 2006
  • Microsoft is worth 8% less than it was in 2006.
  • The biggest loser of this bunch? Nokia, which is now worth just 32% of what it was worth five years ago.

Source: Royal Pingdom


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3 Responses to Apple Of My Eye, Apple On The Top

  1. My parents both have iPhones (my mum an iPhone 3G, my dad an iPhone 4), and I have an old Mac Mini and an iPod Shuffle. I think Apple make great music devices (iPods), but their other stuff isn’t all that amazing, in my opinion.

    Macs can be pretty useless compared to Windows 7 PCs (e.g. you have to pay for updates to iLife, and you have to pay to get an online service – MobileMe, whereas Windows Live is free), and Windows Phone 7 is way better than any iPhone I’ve ever used…

    • Yeah, I agree that unlike Windows 7, not everything comes included with the macs. But I don’t use Life anyway, I think there are better apps/softwares out there to do the same things and more for the same amount of money.

  2. Hanna says:

    Too bad I’m not much a gadget girl. I haven’t thought of a reason to buy an Apple yet. But, I’ll tell you what I think about it when I have one :P. Thanks for the Apple info ^_^

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