People Watching: A Day At Terminal J12

What I thought would be a 5 hour wait, turned out to be a whole day at the airport…. Here’s how it startedAs I spend 4+ hours at the transit airport anxiously waiting for a plane to take me for my first sojourn in South America, I indulge in people watching.

As I sit almost motionless, it feels as if the time and space I am in has come to a standstill while the world around me is passing me by in a frenzy. Some people are running up while others are dragging along their carry-ons North. Daddys are brisk walking with their lil cutie pies on their shoulders towards their gate of departure.

I get up after a few minutes to take a walk and also buy a bottle of water. I scout for a free power outlet to charge my iPhone. This is the only technology I am carrying, well, other than my camera. So in between people watching, I play scrabble on my phone, listen to music and catch up with friends. Then I get up, take a walk, take pictures…all this while I sheepishly peek at my watch every so often…

Finally, the clock strikes 7pm and I get up excited to board my flight… But I see that the gate I am at now has chaged to Santiago, Chilé…. 😦 so I go inquire about my flight and find out, much to my dismay that it is going to be delayed by two hours…

So here I am writing this post from the mobile app on my phone.

Yes! I know I haven’t revealed the name of the place I am going to yet. Wanna take a guess? 🙂

I hope to blog daily about my fun time here in the country of tango ;)) (hint)


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2 Responses to People Watching: A Day At Terminal J12

  1. Hanna says:

    Wow… I didn’t realize there was a post published here… I wonder why…
    Wow, this is great! I don’t really know much about South America, but your future posts may enlighten me, I’m sure? 😀
    You are so lucky to see different places of the world!
    All the best,

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