Of Wrapping Papers, Ribbons and Bows

It is that time of the year my friends…’tis the season to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows, staying in, getting cozy and catching up on movies….. well what would all that be without the company of family and/or friends, right? 🙂 And in the spirit of showing gratitude, I guess Christmas is that time. Whether you are a Christian or not, it sure is fun to get into the spirit of giving and sharing 🙂 We take immense pleasure in thinking of what to give our dear ones, go shopping for them and once we’ve found that special gift(s), comes the time to wrap it.

With time, I am trying consciously to be more eco-friendly. Today I came across a great article that gives the reader ideas on using creativity to wrap presents and save paper.

If you click on the image below, it will take you to the original article. I hope you are inspired by the ideas and save some paper (and therefore some trees from being chopped down in the future). Remember there is nothing like recycling and reusing 🙂

For ex: you can turn an ordinary day old newspaper and turn into a fancy and colorful wrapping paper with the help of some marker pens, some colorful threads…

Also before running to your regular craft store, raid your closets and arts cabinets to use existing supplies. 🙂 Let your imagination run wild.

Oh!! and if you do take ideas from here or create something totally new from your imagination, please do share.

Happy holidays to you all.

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3 Responses to Of Wrapping Papers, Ribbons and Bows

  1. Teanna says:

    Every time I try to wrap presents, I wish I were a bit more professional with it! This is an awesome post! I need this for my Christmas wrapping inspiration!

  2. Ram says:

    Great post! I like the idea of keeping the environment in mind while preparing gifts.

    I’ve been giving gift certificates instead of actual gifts, e.g. amazon.com gift certs… so that it gives total freedom to the receiver as to pick whatever he/she likes. And, these gift certificates can be delivered via email as well so no need for paper or plastic. I know this is quite raw as it doesn’t have the charm of actual physical gift with a shiny gift wrap but its been well received so far 🙂

  3. kolembo says:

    Hope Chrismas came and New Years found you with lot’s of good resolutions you’re now happily wrestling with!

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