Lessons of Life

I shall keep my post for the day short….read this somewhere –

You will meet 2 kinds of people in your life: Ones who build you up and ones who tear you down. In the end you will thank them both.

Let me start my reflection this simple yet profound thought by saying that if you feel you have been wronged or been torn down by someone, you’re not alone, I have been through the same and I am sure pretty much everyone has been through the same at some point in their lives.

It is very easy and thus common for people to be consumed by the hurt inflicted upon them by the other person (knowingly or unknowingly) and in dwelling over what happened, they fail to see the good that came out of that. The flip side of focusing on the wrong is also self-harm, why spend anymore time on that hurt and cause more pain to you, why relive the moment? As hard as it may be to forget and forgive, you have to start somewhere and perhaps this is it, start NOW. Can’t forgive, that’s okay, start by forgetting; Then, start looking at the bright side of  the event that just occurred and walk away from it, not empty-handed, not with pain, but with gain… gain a lesson out of it…and so we must be thankful to not just those who build us up, but even those or bring us down…

I know… easier said than done, but not impossible… let’s try this together 🙂

Happy Monday everyone.


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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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3 Responses to Lessons of Life

  1. ahmedrd says:

    So true.. May God strengthen us with the first type who can help us reach and stay on the right path, and keep away the second type.

  2. Ankur Jalota says:

    there’s a 3rd kind of person: Ankur.

  3. Very wise words. I have just found your blog and I’m looking forward to reading through more of your posts. All my best to you, Ruth

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