Come alive


This is my inspiration for the day. I was searching for some nice quotes and came across this one. Decided to spruce it up with a photo. Photo courtesy – moi aka me aka thechangerevolution. 🙂

This quote is especially good for those of us who have been looking for what we can do to help mother Earth, how we can do it, etc… but don’t know where to begin. Perhaps, we can start with something we love to do, for example – paint, write, go for a run, cook, etc…but this time around do it with (more) passion and put our heart and soul in it and then let the universe take all that energy and transform it into opportunities to serve our fellow earthlings.

At least for today, I will add 100% passion to everything I do! And I start that with this post. I have found myself at many a times in a situation where I wanted to do something to help people or nature but the thought remained a thought and never took form in an action… I would be frustrated with myself and at times thinking that it was life’s fault… but the more I grew, the more introspection I did, I came to realize that it didn’t matter what I did, how much I did and when I did… as long as I did good and put my heart in it, it would find its way to serve a greater purpose.

So from then, I started being ambitious in little steps and do whatever I can, big or small and even if it can affect one living being positively it was one step successfully taken towards living my life well.

Now, when I think about my life, how I live, what I do w.r.t this quote by Howard Thurman, it encourages me to break out from my shell, burst out with energy and put my heart full of love in what I am already doing and what I like to do… how hard can it be to do so, right? Dance as if no one’s watching… smile just because you’re ALIVE! not merely breathing and existing….


About One Change At A Time

Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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3 Responses to Come alive

  1. Love this! That quote is very, very great. Always good to see it as much as possible, woohoo passion!

  2. f-stop mama says:

    Nice post and I love the quote and photo!

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