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Fun Friday

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Garfield the cat, I think it was his laziness that I connected most with 😉 haha… Recently I stumbled upon a cat quite the opposite of Garfield, this cat does not … Continue reading

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Techniques to Master New Skills

While feeding my body a healthy breakfast in the morning is important, so is feeding a healthy breakfast to my mind. I do so by reading. No, not by reading news on who got mugged on a street or shot … Continue reading

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Thank You All

I want to take this opportunity (Thanksgiving day in the US) to thank you all for encouraging me to write more by reading my posts, liking them and commenting on them. You have made my stay here so much richer … Continue reading

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Tweet tweet tweet I have a twitter account

Hello readers, I am happy to announce the arrival of my blue bird baby… haha…I now have a twitter account. I shall try and tweet daily on some of the topics listed below. The topics will be on health, mental … Continue reading

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Have you met Ted?

Have you met Ted? You must be wondering Ted who???? Let me start by saying Ted is multi-cultural Ted is like a global citizen Ted is super smart Ted is compassionate Ted pretty much knows it all Ted was born … Continue reading

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