Y for Yoga

It’s funny how you start losing certain habits the lesser you practice them. Truth be told I haven’t been doing Yoga on a regular basis and when I sat down to write this post, Y for Yoga did not come to me immediately. I spent some time thinking about comes to me when I think of the letter Y. My mind was blank, I struggled for a few minutes and then decided to take a break. While flipping through a magazine nearby, a light bulb just went on. Yoga is a form of exercise surely, but it’s more than just exercise for the body, it is also an exercise for the mind, which most other sports are, but Yoga goes a step further, it’s an exercise for the body, mind and soul. Yoga is a complete inside-out exercise that makes even those parts of your body work you probably didn’t know you had šŸ˜‰

Yoga is also about focusing your attention on what you are doing in the present moment, focusing on the posture and forgetting everything else; While practicing I imagineĀ I’m on a hilltop with green grass everywhere, the sun is rising and the birds are chirping.

If you’re busy and do not have time for a full on Yoga session in your day, try to practice just 3 sun salutations every day, preferably in the mornings.

One very important thing to note is — Listen to your body, don’t justĀ do something because I said so or someone said so. If you have certain health conditions, do consult a doctor before you choose to practice Yoga.

This post wouldn’t be complete without me giving thanks to my loving mother who’s always taught us and reminded us the benefits of a healthy and happy life, which can can be accomplished only by keeping the mind, body and soul happy. She introduced me to Yoga. She inspires me everyday.

Here is a sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) routine including the breathing pattern in case you’re interested in trying it out. Feel free to youtube it or ask someone at your gym about Yoga classes.

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar (Image courtesy: google image/askinyourface.com)

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar (Image courtesy: google image/askinyourface.com)


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