Don’t make Resolutions, Look Within

For most of us, starting from Halloween, to Thanksgiving and finally Christmas, it means eating (un)healthy, winter hibernation aka lack of adequate exercise, slowing down in general from our activities, is followed by a new year where the common theme is  — New Year, New You! which means resolutions, resolutions, resolutions!

I feel like a child on a sugar high, a sugar high that dies down as quickly as it spiked up! Most of us are pretty gung-ho at the start of the new year and in that excitement bite off more than we can chew, which is followed by disappointment and discouragement.

I’ve been there and learned through the process of self-discovery the following important lessons:

  1. Before writing down top 3 things you want to work in the new year, take a few moments to reflect on the year past. Not with harsh judgement but as an observer and take lessons from mistakes or things unaccomplished.
  2. Reach deep within and look for something that you’re truly passionate about – be it a new thing or something that already exists but needs work. Write those things down.
  3. Start small, small steps lead to bigger successes, IMO, at least. For example, last year, I started with a simple goal of meditating for 3 minutes every night. I successfully continued that until September, after that my timing changed a bit, but since my goal was only 3 minutes, it was easy to get back on track.
  4. Celebrate small milestones – it’s a great way to motivate to continue the good work and may be even push yourself a little bit
  5. If possible, find a “buddy” to work on your goals. For example: if you want to get back into running, find a friend or relative who wants to get fit or get into running and run together. Usually, when you’re accountable to someone else, chances are you’ll keep your word 🙂 Or if you want to take up painting, enroll in a class, having paid money, will make you want to go 😉

BTW, I have stopped making resolutions, especially around the new year. Why should we wait for January 1, right? I believe that any desire to change any aspect of one’s life must come from within, but one’s got to start somewhere and I say start from within 🙂

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


About One Change At A Time

Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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