Be Smart, Fund Your True Happiness

I love chai – Indian style chai with all the spices and made on a stove top. Making Chai in the mornings, absolutely loving the aroma of the spices and tea blending in water that filled my kitchen. This used to be my morning ritual, until I gave up milk (dairy) for just a month. Back in 2010, on August 30th, I was thinking of how to make my birthday month special. I had 2 days until my birthday month and I didn’t feel strongly about something new that I wanted to do, that was not just good for me but also benefiting another being. As I woke up the next day and started making Chai, I noticed that I was almost out of milk and that is when it dawned upon me…Why not follow a vegan diet for a month!? It (Chai) was one of the hardest things I’ve had to give up, because non-dairy Chai isn’t Chai 😦

Even though I am not a caffeine addict, like most other humans, I am a creature of habit. My routine was kinda thrown out of whack, things just didnt seem normal and I was frustrated. However, I was determined to see this through. So, from the 4th morning onwards, I started making hot tea in the mornings, sometimes herbal, sometimes green tea. 4 years and counting and I don’t buy milk anymore for the home, unless of course I have guests over and they need milk for their dietary needs.  This is part 1 of funding my true happiness. I feel, that removing myself from the equation, at least I am one person less buying into the painful factory farming of cows for milk and other dairy products.

Part 2 of funding my happiness goes something like this: Early last year I made it a habit to go out for an afternoon walk – just to break away from sitting at a desk and staring at a computer. A couple of weeks into my walks, I happen to have my purse with me and I thought to myself, “hey there’s a Peets right here, maybe I’ll go get a cup of coffee, it’s especially cold today and a warm cappuccino will hit the spot.” $4 lighter and a few hundred calories heavier, I walked back to my desk. Of course! before I even realized, this had become a habit. However, AWARENESS is always the first step towards a better you! that’s my motto! 🙂 So, the day I became aware of this new habit I had unknowingly picked up, I decided I had to do something….. more so because I don’t even love coffee (like the way I do Chai!), so then why am I pouring down this black liquid down my throat AND spending ~$4! Nooooo! no! it didn’t make sense. But again, how easily our minds make us creatures of habit! So I thought to myself….. “Hmmm… if I put these $4 aside every day instead of spending it on coffee, at the end of the month I could treat myself to a fancy massage!” For me it was a massage, for you it may be something else… anything that’ll truly make you happy, not just in that moment. Something your inner you will be thankful to you for.

So whether you’re funding your true happiness with moolah, or otherwise, don’t lose sight of what makes you truly happy! Thanks for reading 🙂


About One Change At A Time

Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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3 Responses to Be Smart, Fund Your True Happiness

  1. whatisdog says:

    ”non dairy chai isn’t chai” lol i like this although i do drink it with almond milk because i can’t have dairy. BUT i’ve never had it like you say you make it so that must make all the difference 😉

  2. f-stop mama says:

    I love your new habits and how you adapted the coffee spending. I am going to steal your ideas and try adding a cup of hot tea to my mornings & an afternoon walk to take a break. Thanks for the inspiration!

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