Six Simple Ways To Score A Second Date

Hey look at that, I just used Alliteration in the title! It’s definitely paid to be attentive in school, I can show off my smartness and who doesn’t dig smart people!?? We all dig smart people, but there are simple things we dig even more, especially when on a first date. Here are six tips you can follow to make sure you don’t ruin your chances of second date.

  1. Be On Time — If not a few minutes before your agreed upon time, at least be on time. This applies to both girls and guys! If you’re in the dating game (yes! unfortunately in today’s times it appears to be a game — so many dating apps, it’s just like speed dating, except it’s worse!), you must follow certain etiquette. In fact, you should always be punctual regardless of who you’re meeting.
  2. Dress To Impress — You don’t need to dress like you’re going to a black tie event but dress well. No it is not superficial, it shows EFFORT! Show your date that you put in effort and were excited to go out. Men: DO NOT show up in a sweatshirt/hoodie. Women: DO NOT look like you just got out of bed. Even if you do not see this person again, you’ve most definitely left an impression and they may want to see you again. We all love the feeling of being popular and wanted, even though we may not admit it.
  3. Death By Smile — Smile as you exchange greetings. Pre-req: Remember to brush or mouthwash before you head out and make sure you’ve taken care of that spinach or strawberry seed from in between your teeth. Flash your smile as if you were the poster child for the American Dental Association. Don’t bother about what others say, know that mother Nature gave you the perfect smile to go with your face. IMO, when one smiles, it creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Aren’t we all suckers for a smile, be it cute, beautiful, big, small, mischievous but above all it has to be natural and genuine.
  4. iPhone Interruption — Free yourself from the smartphone distraction. Put it away, away from line of sight. Of course, if it turns out to be a disastrous date and you’d asked your friend to call to help you get out of the date, now that’s another post — how to get out of bad first dates. But other than that, your phone should be away. One cannot expect to even hope to make a connection if they’re distracted by their phone while the other person is talking.
  5. Conversations — On a first date, the idea is to try and get to know know as much as you can of the other person’s interests. Find out what they like to do, share your interests too. It’s a great way to knowing fundamental traits of a person, for example, if the answer to “What do you do over the weekends” is “I love Netflix, like to stay in and watch movies” — that person doesn’t like to go out much or may not be social and that is fine if that is what you’re looking for. Be yourself!! Be genuine!!! I cannot emphasize this enough, project your true self and not what you think (s)he may find attractive. The idea here is to get to know about the other’s likes, dislikes, daily/weekend lifestyle. These conversations give you a little peek into one’s life.
  6. Check Please — You’ve exchanged stories and hopefully a few laughs over a cup of coffee or beer or wine or club soda. Men: Please take note, it’s not that women cannot pick up the tab or go splitsville on the bill, but we want to see if the dude is a gentleman or not. In the grand scheme of things 2 beers or drinks or coffees are not going to burn a hole the size of crater lake in your pockets! There will be future dates when you can find out if she’s in it for you or the green aura of money you walk around with. Women: Regardless of whether men offer to pick up the tab, be sincere and ready to split the check. After all, it’s a nice gesture and they’re certainly not required to pick up the tab for the both of you. Remember to thank them for the drink(s).

If you follow these tips, at the end of your first date you know you did your best! The rest is up to chemistry and common interests.


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