Money Hacks Monday

The cost of living in most big cities is increasing exponentially, to that add taxes and the fact that wages don’t increase in proportion – aye-aye-aye!  We all want to live the good life but for many of us, it’s often beyond our means. Last night as I was emptying my grocery bags, I had a thought about how small things can help us save more and waste less. What I am about to share is not how to make a million dollars from ten, but small hacks that save you good money in the long run.

  1. One person’s junk is another’s treasure – With apps/websites such as Craigslist, Poshmark and Offer Up selling stuff from the comfort of your home that you don’t use anymore has become easier than ever. I moved into a tiny apartment and realized I had way too much stuff, most of which I barely or never used. So I started posting those things up for sale. I purged, became lighter, more free and also made some cash.
  2. Karma bucks – For stuff you cannot sell but is in great condition, DONATE it! Go to your local shelter or GoodWill store and donate those items. You not only earn good karma, you can also get a tax deduction at the time of filing your taxes.
  3. Cook more at home – When I decided to commit myself as a life long vegan middle of last year, I realized eating out wasn’t as convenient anymore. So I started looking up vegan recipes that were easy to make and multiple recipes that involved common ingredients (less wasting or rotting in the fridge… we’ve all been there, eh?) I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it and saved a few $$
  4. Shop bulk – These days you’ll usually find me in the bulk section isles of a grocery store when I am out buying groceries. Shopping in the bulk section is great in so many ways
    • It is usually cheaper than packaged food
    • You only buy as much as you need thereby not over-buying or over-paying
    • Less wastage
    • Less packaging/plastic involved
    • Pride and glow of being a money-savvy, deal-savvy person and also a better citizen of the Earth
  5. Cash or go home – A friend once told me about how she would budget. She would withdraw ‘x’ amount of dollars from the ATM on the 1st of every month – that would be her allowance she could choose to spend on going out, cab rides, dinner, drinks whatever she pleased. However, once the cash ran out for the month that was it, no more spending until the next month
  6. Starbucks is over-rated – When I say Starbucks, I mean all the chain or fancy coffee shops such as Peet’s, Philz, or whatever your local famous coffee shop is that charges you an arm and a leg for coffee. Indulging occasionally is fine, I do it, we all do! But on a daily basis, try and get your caffeine fix at home before you head out. What I do is buy coffee from the bulk section, buy and grind as much as I need and use my simple French Press that I had bought for $20 and it makes the best coffee! Well, I love it! ^_^ OR if you are a tea drinker, hopefully it’s not so much of an issue for you but the same applies
  7. I am no wealth investment guru, but we all have a few of those friends or family members who can advise us what we can do with all the money we save (and/or make) from the tips listed above.

Hope you find these tips helpful. If you have some tips to share please comment and let me and other readers know! Hope you save some moolah today! ($_$)


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Me - I just want to spread goodness and happiness... one good deed at a time.
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