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Day 2 of Making May Matter and thankfully I do have a topic to write on. Have you gals and guys heard of The Oatmeal? If not, today will be the day. Such a profound and complex philosophy(?) put in … Continue reading

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Techniques to Master New Skills

While feeding my body a healthy breakfast in the morning is important, so is feeding a healthy breakfast to my mind. I do so by reading. No, not by reading news on who got mugged on a street or shot … Continue reading

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Turning Oppresion Into Opportunitiy: The Half The Sky Movement

How many of you have heard of Half the Sky, the book? The movement? Before I get into the book and the movement, I just want to plant this thought in your mind. What kind of reaction or thought do … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

Hello my friends…. sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action)… but I am back now after a short hiatus and I am happy to post this short video which shows how media has influenced the perception of a woman’s role … Continue reading

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Meet Antimatter, The Oppositely Charged Twin of Matter

While browsing through CERN’s website, I came across this video I thought was worth sharing. The audio quality is not the best, but the content is good if you’re looking to get an insight into what antimatter is, how it’s … Continue reading

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How One Teacher Motivates Her Students

My BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a 5th grade school teacher. I have seen her in action teaching her kids whom she loves. I cannot think of a better teacher I have seen so far. She puts so much effort … Continue reading

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World Water Day

O.K! Seems like March is the month of different World Days! ^_^ St. Patricks Day, First Day of Spring, World Poetry Day, World Water Day, wonder what other days 31 of March covers. I have decided to save a gallon … Continue reading

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World Poetry Day

In 1999, UNESCO declared March 21st as World Poetry Day! Here’s a little poem I came up with right this minute, so please pardon the crudeness :). Here’s your chance to write even if two lines of poetry if you … Continue reading

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