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Fun Friday

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Garfield the cat, I think it was his laziness that I connected most with 😉 haha… Recently I stumbled upon a cat quite the opposite of Garfield, this cat does not … Continue reading

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Fun Friday

Found this on the website: Have a fun-filled Friday y’all! 🙂

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Fun Friday

Happy Friday everyone… sharing this funny (and true) Calvin and Hobbes conversation… Moral of the story: Never argue w/ a happy person about happiness 😉 hahaha… noooo…. that’s not the takeaway… 😛 My takeaway is – Learn to see and … Continue reading

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Fun Friday

That song again!!! Somebody I Used To Know – Gotye… Secretly we all love it and sing along 😉 Happy friday y’all  

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Anger Management

Most of us love the game Angry Birds. Probably they are the reason for your carpal tunnel syndrome, eh?? 😉 I came across this funny cartoon on the web and thought of sharing this post with you all as we … Continue reading

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Top Ten Lists – My Thoughts

I actually think that Top Ten lists are good… I’ve been meaning to create a top ten list for a while now. The reason why I think top 10 lists are good, because in a lot of cases (mine for … Continue reading

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Hike In The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles National Park is located about 90 minutes east of San Jose (it’s right in my backyard) 😉 A few of weekends ago I was browsing the internet to find a new hiking place and I stumbled upon the … Continue reading

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Walking Down Memory Lane of Google Doodles

Have you had a chance to check out the latest Google doodle? No??? Well, it’s not too late. The google doodle this time has been transformed into a guitar, you can virtually strum! 🙂 and also record what you play. … Continue reading

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