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Bye bye 2017! Year in review Continue reading

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Make May Matter

A few friends and I are doing this challenge for May aptly titled Make May Matter. The goal is to choose four to five things that we would like to accomplish this month, this year or in this life and … Continue reading

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The other night I was working out at my neighborhood studio and the instructor said “Take a deep breath in and on your way up, breathe it out making a “Hssssshhhhh” sound. Following his instructions I started focusing on my … Continue reading

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Be Smart, Fund Your True Happiness

I love chai – Indian style chai with all the spices and made on a stove top. Making Chai in the mornings, absolutely loving the aroma of the spices and tea blending in water that filled my kitchen. This used … Continue reading

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Don’t make Resolutions, Look Within

For most of us, starting from Halloween, to Thanksgiving and finally Christmas, it means eating (un)healthy, winter hibernation aka lack of adequate exercise, slowing down in general from our activities, is followed by a new year where the common theme … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Hope you all have had a great start to the week. One of my goals recently has been to get back to writing on a regular basis and by regular I mean at least once a week. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading

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A Little More In 2013

Looking back at the year that has been, 2012 couldn’t have started on a better note. Before I knew it, 2013 is at the door. Can’t wait to welcome it with open arms and a big smile. The following is … Continue reading

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Techniques to Master New Skills

While feeding my body a healthy breakfast in the morning is important, so is feeding a healthy breakfast to my mind. I do so by reading. No, not by reading news on who got mugged on a street or shot … Continue reading

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