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2011: Women Leading The World With Peace

The other day my car broke down in the parking lot of a strip mall. Basically the battery died and I had to call roadside assistance (RA) to jump-start my car. While I sipped on some hot taro milk at … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

Hello my friends…. sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action)… but I am back now after a short hiatus and I am happy to post this short video which shows how media has influenced the perception of a woman’s role … Continue reading

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Vivid Sydney: A Festival of Lights

Browsing BBC, I came across a spectacular photo of the Sydney Opera. If you live in Sydney or are planning to visit, you must check out the festival of lights. It certainly seems exciting. Wish I could be there! May … Continue reading

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Roses of Peace Bloom in Nepal

Okay, so here’s my last post for April. Came across this on the dailygood website: Nepal has offered much hope to the world throughout history. The birthplace of the Buddha himself, it has since been a place of global pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

I have been meaning to write on this topic since the Japan tsunamis. Thanks WordPress! for posting this as a topic and giving me the much needed push to write on this. I was following the news on Japan’s condition … Continue reading

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The Best Use of My $15 All This Month

Today, I donated $15 to a charity called: via a deal app/site called groupon. Even if you cannot donate, that’s fine. Please help spread the word. 🙂 If you’re interested, here’s the link: You can sign up here: reading

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Why Do We Spring Forward???

In the United States, we just sprang forward at 2:00am today (March 13, 2011). For some reason and please note that I blame the Daylight Savings Times for losing more than just 1 hour of sleep. I could not sleep … Continue reading

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2 Minutes Of Silence

Dear readers, Let’s send out prayers, love and much needed strength for our brothers and sisters in Japan and other parts of the world that have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Let’s spend 2 minutes in silence and … Continue reading

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