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2011: Women Leading The World With Peace

The other day my car broke down in the parking lot of a strip mall. Basically the battery died and I had to call roadside assistance (RA) to jump-start my car. While I sipped on some hot taro milk at … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

Hello my friends…. sorry I’ve been MIA (missing in action)… but I am back now after a short hiatus and I am happy to post this short video which shows how media has influenced the perception of a woman’s role … Continue reading

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Vivid Sydney: A Festival of Lights

Browsing BBC, I came across a spectacular photo of the Sydney Opera. If you live in Sydney or are planning to visit, you must check out the festival of lights. It certainly seems exciting. Wish I could be there! May … Continue reading

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Roses of Peace Bloom in Nepal

Okay, so here’s my last post for April. Came across this on the dailygood website: Nepal has offered much hope to the world throughout history. The birthplace of the Buddha himself, it has since been a place of global pilgrimage … Continue reading

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Is nuclear energy a menace, or the future?

I have been meaning to write on this topic since the Japan tsunamis. Thanks WordPress! for posting this as a topic and giving me the much needed push to write on this. I was following the news on Japan’s condition … Continue reading

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The Best Use of My $15 All This Month

Today, I donated $15 to a charity called: via a deal app/site called groupon. Even if you cannot donate, that’s fine. Please help spread the word. 🙂 If you’re interested, here’s the link: You can sign up here: reading

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Why Do We Spring Forward???

In the United States, we just sprang forward at 2:00am today (March 13, 2011). For some reason and please note that I blame the Daylight Savings Times for losing more than just 1 hour of sleep. I could not sleep … Continue reading

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