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Stretching, Why It Should Be A Daily Ritual

A few years ago, I injured my knee while trying to snowboard in extremely icy, packed snow conditions. After nursing black-blue knees for a month, I thought I was fine. However, last year after a couple of 10Ks and just … Continue reading

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Meditation In The Mundane

Meditation In The Mundane Who loves to eat some freshly picked pomegranate? I know I do!! Growing up, mum always did all the dirty work:  go to the market -> buy fruits & veggies -> wash them -> cut them/peel … Continue reading

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Six Simple Ways To Score A Second Date

Hey look at that, I just used Alliteration in the title! It’s definitely paid to be attentive in school, I can show off my smartness and who doesn’t dig smart people!?? We all dig smart people, but there are simple … Continue reading

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Hearty and Easy Habits towards a Healthier You

We all know that Life is not a straight line, it is in fact a squiggly line with pebbles and boulders along its path. There are times when life is straight and everything is fun, rainbows with pots of gold … Continue reading

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Be Smart, Fund Your True Happiness

I love chai – Indian style chai with all the spices and made on a stove top. Making Chai in the mornings, absolutely loving the aroma of the spices and tea blending in water that filled my kitchen. This used … Continue reading

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Don’t make Resolutions, Look Within

For most of us, starting from Halloween, to Thanksgiving and finally Christmas, it means eating (un)healthy, winter hibernation aka lack of adequate exercise, slowing down in general from our activities, is followed by a new year where the common theme … Continue reading

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