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Meatless Monday

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping I felt like making pasta. I haven’t had pasta in a while so I bought basil and tomatoes – the only ingredients that were missing from the list for a recipe I had in … Continue reading

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Hearty and Easy Habits towards a Healthier You

We all know that Life is not a straight line, it is in fact a squiggly line with pebbles and boulders along its path. There are times when life is straight and everything is fun, rainbows with pots of gold … Continue reading

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Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

‘Tis that time of the year, temperatures are falling, snow is falling (in some places), leaves have fallen, a lot of red, green and white everywhere. The holidays have become a lot more commercial now than they were before. It … Continue reading

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Mung Bean Sprout Medley

My Sunday evening (today) went something like this: Put on a playlist of chirpy, hummable songs on my iPhone, danced my way into the kitchen, whistling to the tunes playing, opened the fridge and after a quick scan of the … Continue reading

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Cranberry-Pecan Cookies With Orange Zest

Today I attended a Christmas/Year End party at a friend’s place. One of the themes of this party was a cookie exchange.  I volunteered to bring cranberry-pecan cookies with orange zest. I do not have pictures as my camera was … Continue reading

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Cooling Down With A Cucumber Salad

Summer sun, warm temperatures, long days means it is time to get out those skirts and flip flops out… I am looking forward to a fun filled summer….. However, with the temperatures rising it is essential to keep the body … Continue reading

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The Most Delicious Split Pea Soup

Usually I do not like to brag about myself, but OMG! I think this recipe is my second best soup after the asparagus soup I made a few years ago! Of course, the recipe itself was good, but I tweaked … Continue reading

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Thai Night: Recipe – Sweet Potato Red Curry With Brown Rice

This recipe can be enjoyed by all, vegans too! 🙂 I was super happy with the way it turned out! Healthy AND delicious! wow! Home cooked food is so much better than restaurant food. You can eat more without that … Continue reading

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