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Several Different Truths, One Common Ground (via Hanna Wilbur’s)

A great post by a fellow blogger. I think she has done a great job of bringing out the different aspects of this delicate topic and putting it in a way that is very positive. Religious differences has never been … Continue reading

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Move Along Just To Make It Through

Today, I was listening to a song that was probably a hit number in 2006. I really like this song, especially when I am low and I can’t think of any way to work out a solution of my situation. … Continue reading

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Clutter Free Space Is A Clutter Free Mind

This what Edvard Munch’s original painting titled “The Scream” would look like if his studio was cluttered. On one hand, the painting may have not been famous, but, on the other hand, the subjects expressions would be as real as … Continue reading

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Introducing…. My Photo Blog

Hello my dear friends, I am happy to announce my new blog. It is all about photography, my work, tips, cool websites, my opinion on various photography apps, devices, accessories, etc.. Please stop by I have also added the … Continue reading

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60 Minutes – That’s All It Takes To Celebrate Earth Hour

It’s that time of the year again 🙂 Time to do the least we can to conserve and save our planet Earth. Just 60 minutes today. Switch off the power in your house, office, wherever you may be. We all … Continue reading

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Of All The People In Our Lives

‘Life’s not about the people who act true to your face. It’s about the people who remain true behind your back.” – Unknown I had to make a post of this quote. So many people come into our lives, some … Continue reading

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Minimalist Photography!?

As I was browsing the WWW, I came across this article with amazing photographs illustrating minimalism. I have added some photos, here. There are a total of 40 examples, feel free to visit their website and check out all 40. … Continue reading

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Doing vs Not Doing

“Doing vs not doing is what distinguishes success from failure.” – The Change Revolution The west coast of the United States has been experiencing heavy rains with gusts of wind and overcast weather. I haven’t been able to enjoy running … Continue reading

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