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Apple Of My Eye, Apple On The Top

Of course I am talking about the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music, we talk on the phone, etc… I read this really interesting article on the web on how Apple has beat Google and Microsoft in … Continue reading

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Gurus Of Peace

The following song is one of my top 3 songs to date. Let me tell you a short story associated with my first experience listening to this song. I remember I first heard it on the plane. India had completed … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: 73

Source: “In Web We Trust”

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Topic #120: Who annoys you more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

I absolutely had to blog about this! ^_^ So much fun writing on such topics and perhaps reading also. I do not fit into the Bieber Fever fan demographics, however I did go through an extremely short 1 month phase … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Here’s wishing all mothers across the globe a very happy mother’s day! I am sure after Slumdog Millionaire created waves far and wide, some of you have may have heard of an Indian musician called A. R. Rehman. The song … Continue reading

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Why Do People Fight

My tolerance to verbal and physical fights and to situations/atmosphere in which people fight has become quite low. It scares me and makes me immensely sad. It makes me cry and weakens my hopes for harmony.  I know I did … Continue reading

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Anger: A Trait Of The Weak?

We all, as humans are susceptible to this emotion called Anger. The degrees vary in all of us, but we all do feel anger. I think what differentiates the strong ones from the weak ones is the way they channel … Continue reading

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The Best Time & Place to Catch Up On Your Movies

Unless you’re a sleeper, which I am not when it comes to confining myself in a small little seat with little or no leg room. I am talking about the times when you’re in the air, flying from somewhere to … Continue reading

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